About VaultingResults

VaultingResults.com is a website with comprehensive management of International Vaulting Competitions.¬†It provides live results that can be published on the Internet as soon as the judges hit the ‘OK’ button. It has been running since 2012 and has a track record of 14 CVIs, and the World Vaulting Championships for Juniors, with 600,000+ pages views in one weekend.

VaultingResults will simplify your CVI and provide better visibility to a large audience. Vaulting fans are well connected on social media and enjoy following results live.

Areas where VaultingResults can help:

  • Checking FEI numbers with definitive entries
  • Startlists (Beta)
  • Scoresheets (NEW!)
  • Live entry of scores at the show office or directly at the judges table
  • Live publishing on the Internet¬†(there is an up to three-minute delay in publishing)
  • Formatting and sending results to the FEI

If you would like to use the VaultingResults service, feel free to send a message on the VaultingResults Facebook page to enquire about availability and prices. It is also a place to report bugs and request new features, although some requests may take time or be unfeasible.

Please note that due to the complexity of national rules and guidelines, it is currently not possible to use the service for national events, unless they follow strictly the same rules as the FEI.

Please also note that mistakes in scores, spelling or vaulter-lunger-horse trios should always be reported to the show office. The Facebook page is provided for news updates only.