2015 – A year of Records!

Happy 2016!

Time to look back on 2015, where we broke a few records.

After the number of starters in Belgium (29 teams, 165 Individuals, 14 Pas-de-Deux and 15000+ scores), the World Championships for Juniors broke a new record for the site with 650,000 page views in one weekend. The total for the year is at 1.5m, which is very impressive!

We hope you have enjoyed the 2015 show on VaultingResults!

Join us in 2016 for more exciting moments, starting Easter weekend with CVIO Saumur, which ends with a packed audience for the Nations Cup. A change in style and layout for the website was in order too. Which is just as well, because we will also be travelling to a new continent, but that is a suprise for later!

In the meantime, you can lay down your phones, tablets, laptops and get back to training. That needle isn’t going to stretch by itself!! 😉